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Ayurvedic Medicine & Classical Yoga Therapy
Sarasvati Buhrman Ph.D
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Yoga and Ayurveda:
Healing Humanity for Thousands of Years



2018          Natural Remedies to Help Fight the Flu: Published in the Allenspark Wind - February 2018 Volume 45, No. 1.

2016          Structuring Life and Diet to Maintain Optimal Digestion and Health: Dietary advice from Ayurveda, Yoga and modern nutrition

2016          Using Yoga for Healing: The Ayurvedic Basis of Hatha Yoga Practices

2005          What is the Mind, How Does It Cause Depression, What Can We Do About It? Parts I-II
                    Light on Ayurveda: Summer( Part I) Vol. III Issue 4, p. 13-16, Fall (Part 2) Vol. IV Issue, p.11-14
Part I ...  Part II ...


1999           Experiences in Meditation Part I, Yoga International: October/November 1999  Issue No. 50  P.25-31


2000           Experiences in Meditation Part II, Yoga International:   January 2000 Issue No. 51


1998           Leaving Depression Behind: The Yogic Way Out. Yoga International: March 1998 Issue No. 40  P. 26-33


1998           Lad, Vasant D., and Sarasvati Burhman, Ayurvedic Specific Condition Review:
                     Cervical Dysplasia and Cancers of the Artava Vaha Srotas. Protocol Journal of Botanical Medicine II:3: (141-143)


1997           Ayurvedic Approaches to the Treatment of Sinus Infections. Protocol Journal of Botanical Medicine II:2 (135-139)


1997           Ayurveda and Strep Throat. Protocol Journal of Botanical Medicine II:2 (175-176)


1997           Trance and Amnesia Revisited: Using Detailed Interviews to Fill in the Gaps. Anthropology of Consciousness: 8 (1):10-21


1997          Ayurvedic Psychology and Psychiatric Approaches to the Treatment of Common Affective Disorders. Protocol Journal of Botanical Medicine II:1 (1-8)

1996          Ayurvedic Approaches to Women's Health.Protocol Journal of Botanical Medicine I:4 (2-7)


1997           Ayurveda and the Breath. Yoga International: May, No. 35 p. 32-37


1998        Kleshas (Afflictions of mind) according to Patanjali's Yoga Sutras: To view this article as .pdf click here
                To read on webpage: Http://www.physics.udel.edu/~bnikolic/klesa.html

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