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Ayurvedic Medicine & Classical Yoga Therapy
Sarasvati Buhrman Ph.D
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 Yoga and Ayurveda:
Healing Humanity for Thousands of Years


Teaching: Areas of Expertise

In addition to individual, personalized instruction in pranayama and meditation, Dr Buhrman has experience teaching in a variety of university settings and professional trainings. She is available for retreats, special seminars, and professional trainings.

Sarasvatiji has taught courses at Metropolitan State University (Hatha Yoga), University of Illinois (Human Genetics) and Naropa University (Cultural Anthropology, Anthropology of Religion, Contemplative Hinduism).

In addition, Dr. Buhrman has served on the teaching faculty for various professional training programs, including
The Salt Spring Centre (Yoga Teacher Training), Mount Madonna Center)(Yoga Teacher Training and Advanced Yoga Teacher Training), Rocky Mountain Institute of Yoga and Ayurveda (Ayurvedic Medicine and Yoga Therapy, Yoga Therapy, and Yoga Teacher Training), European Yoga Therapy/Ananda Seva (Yoga Therapy), American Yoga College (Yoga Teacher Training), Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism (Ayurvedic Herbology).

Her areas of specialty include the following:

Yoga and Yoga Therapy:
The Six Classical Yogas in historical perspective (Jnana, Tantra, Ashtanga (Raja), Karma, Hatha, and Bhakti)
Methods and Theory of Classical Hatha Yoga Pranayama and Mudra
The Ayurvedic Basis of Classical Hatha Yoga
Shat Karma practices and their applications to Yoga Therapy
Classical Tantra Chakra and Nadi systems and their relation to healing and spiritual development.
Yoga Philosophy texts: Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Bhagavad-Gita and Mahabharata
Yoga Psychology
Yoga Therapy for specific conditions, including metabolic syndrome and diabetes, depression and anxiety, chronic inflammatory diseases, allergies, and digestive disorders.
Internship direction/supervision
Spiritual Emergence Counseling

Ayurvedic Medicine

Overview of Ayurvedic Medicine, including history and philosophy, diagnosis of prakrti and vikrti (pulse,tongue, agni, symptomology), Ayurvedic lifestyle, and Ayurvedic herbology/pharmacology
Ayurvedic Medicine for specific complaints
Ayurvedic psychiatry
Pancha karma and shat karma practices
Supervised internship

Interfaith Dialogue:
Yoga and Christianity
Spiritual experiences and religious goals in cross-cultural perspective