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Ayurvedic Medicine & Classical Yoga Therapy
Sarasvati Buhrman Ph.D
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Yoga and Ayurveda:
Healing Humanity for Thousands of Years


                                Praise for Dr. Sarasvati Buhrman:

Sarasvati has been helping me & those close to me since 2009.
Am very fortunate to have found her for Ayurveda and Yoga therapy. 
She explains things nicely, making it easy to follow.

She is resourceful, embodies compassion and caring, listens well, & asks the right questions. There's beauty in what she does and how she does it.  She has a marvelous intellect and vast knowledge of Vedic and Western sciences, this makes her a keen problem solver.  She is easy to trust.

She knows a lot about new research. I always learn something new when we talk. Sarasvati is helpful, genuine and bright. Having consulations with her are truly Ayurvedic & Wholistic, every issue gets acknowledged, because it’s all related.

 After our appointments, I feel motivated, educated and at ease.
My deepest gratitude for providing such great & tender care. Mari


I have had the pleasure of having Dr. Sarasvati Burhman as my Ayurvedic Practitioner for nearly ten years. In that time she has successfully helped me to clear my system of candida, and has not only treated my hay fever, she has desensitized the allergy responsible for it.

Most recently she has treated me for a sinus infection and the infection was cleared without antibiotics. She has helped me balance my digestion and was the one who diagnosed my gluten intolerance.
I owe my good
health to her wisdom and acute awareness.

I highly recommend her services, as she is a brilliant practitioner and highly educated in her field. She is a bright light in my life and I am grateful for her wisdom and care.

Kathy Fitch
The Nature of Healing


After an unwanted and spontaneous spiritual emergence, I was suddenly left in a deep, dark depression and was extremely anxious and suicidal . I did not know who to turn to or where to go for help.

I stumbled across Dr Buhrman’s page on the net and read about her knowledge of Kundalini awakenings. She carefully guided me through the process, prescribed me herbal treatments, answered all my questions and returned my calls even after her office hours.

I credit my survival through the process to her knowledge of Ayurveda and kundalini. I know I could not have gone through this difficult time without her. Please feel free to contact me if you are contemplating soliciting her services. She is an excellent professional who is one of the top Ayurvedic doctors in her field.

Maddie Sidney


I’m not sure what took me so long to consider Ayurveda as an option to heal my ailing digestive system because I’ve been a yogi for so many years and it’s part of our tradition. But it did take me years of failed attempts with many other traditions to say to myself “Why haven't I tried Ayurveda?” A student who knew of Sarasvati’s reputation referred me to her.

I came to Ayurveda to fix a broken “plumbing” system. I had started to lose hope that my condition could be healed and was addicted to OTC options that are not sustainable and in the long wrong actually harmful. I thought I had reached the point of no return.

First, let me say the most important thing. I am healed from a lifetime of digestive and elimination challenges. In my mind, this is a miracle. I feel like a toddler who wants to exclaim every time I am successful, “Look at what I just did!” The joy of having this work normally--well it’s just fundamental to optimal health. This result has been so long in coming that I’m beyond thrilled at the outcome.

Sarasvati was so comforting at the outset. I felt that I had to reveal a terrible secret to her that as a yogi, I couldn’t fix this problem and was addicted to substances to make my system work. With compassion, Sarasvati allowed me to relax and let me know that this condition was something we could heal.

I know this in itself started the healing journey for me. Sarasvati questioned me at length and with such depth and refinement that I knew we were addressing so much more than a superficial remedy and one that would work on my whole constitution.

Not only did the recipe of herbs work, but as Sarasvati promised I am now completely weaned from the herbal remedy and my system is working like never before! And this has been true for many months so clearly it is sustaining. I have reset my system. I had to change my diet, but it’s not extreme and as I’ve stayed with that I have learned what works and doesn’t for me.

Sarasvati is a devoted and intelligent practitioner with a clear and thorough knowledge of the science of Ayurveda. In this western world where we reduce many of the sacred, long-standing traditions to “light versions”, Sarasvati operates in a realm of depth and understanding that is the mark of an accomplished and insightful practitioner. Thank you, Savasvati! I owe my renewed health to you and the lineage of your teachers!

Hari Om.

Lisa Jo Landsberg
Iyengar Yoga Teacher


I have been under the care of Sarasvati Buhrman for nearly two years.
She has treated and reversed a chronic problem of ovarian cysts with
Ayurvedic medicine that the typical Western Medicine treatments failed
to correct… providing me with a safe, effective alternative while
working with the traditional western diagnosticians.
Liane Starn

“Sarasvati is a brilliant, dedicated, and devoted practitioner to her students, her patients, and her Yoga practice.

As a psychotherapist, I refer out to her for help with anxiety, depression, and other health problems.

Although Sarasvati is the furthest practitioner from my office, she is always my first choice-- patients follow through more with her than any other practitioners because of her competence, her personal concern, and her compassion.”
Diane Kimmell, MSW,
Clinical Social Worker and Psychotherapist

“I can genuinely say that Dr. Buhrman is an extremely qualified Yoga Therapist, Ayurvedic practitioner, and herbalist.
I have sent hundreds of clients to her over the past several years and nearly every one of them has gotten wonderful results and made tremendous progress.”
Jennifer Workman, M.S.,R.D., Nutritionist

"In l986 I was diagnosed with schleroderma, an autoimmune disease.
I was told to go home and enjoy life as best I could and they would
manage the symptoms as best as they could, and likely I would have a painful death. I had a husband and four children at home who needed
me and this couldn't be happening to me.

I struggled with joint pain, painful swelling in my fingers and feet, fibromyalgia, depression, weight gain, and side effects of my medications... I started seeing Dr. Sarasvati Buhrman on Jan 16, 2008. She prescribed  an individual herbal formula for me and suggested some major lifestyle and dietary changes and medicated oils.

I was into my second week of treatment when I noticed that my "sausage fingers" were gone and I had normal hands for the first time in years.
A month later, I am losing weight, my joints are responding, I have much more energy. I am no longer confined to bed most of the day with pain and stiffness, and I have been able to markedly reduce the dosage of my pain medications. My husband said it best "It's nice to have my wife back."  Kathleen, age 56, Colorado Springs, Co.